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Small Hope Bay, Andros Island, Bahamas

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-UseImagine miles of calm shallow water, the color stair casing from deep blue, to azure, to aquamarine, to the palest green where crystal clear waters gently laps on white coral sand beaches. Tropical hues fill the sky with rich colors, and numerous trees dotting the landscape with shade. Here on Andros Island you are often reminded that you are really only a small part of this large and magnificent world.

Andros is the largest, the least inhabited, and probably the least known of the 700 islands of the Bahamas. It is approximately 108 miles long by 40 miles wide. There are few small towns along the eastern shore. The third largest Barrier Reef in the world runs along the entire length of the eastern coast of Andros. The reef is 140 miles from north to south, and the outer edge drops off steeply to depths more than 6,000 feet deep.

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-UseSmall Hope Bay Lodge, located on the central eastern side of Andros Island, was opened by the Birch family in 1960 and has been under the same family management since that time. The resort has long had top acclaim for its unique down-home style.

This relaxed atmosphere offers something for everyone. Non-fishing partners will enjoy unspoiled beaches, swimming, snorkeling, world-class diving, sail boarding, or just relaxing in the shade. Families with children are welcome.

The Small Hope Bay lodge is on the threshold of some of the most pristine and virgin bonefish flats. You can fish a different location day after day and never visit the same place twice and you may never see another boat during your day of fishing. The main fishing areas adjacent to the lodge are Fresh Creek, is a huge estuary system that seems to go on forever through the virgin wilderness and stretching for miles through to the center of the island, and Young Sound, approximately 20 square miles of good hard-bottomed wading flats. The hard bottom of the Young Sound flats is formed by the breakup of the coral formations.

The north and west side of Andros contain hundreds of square miles of productive bonefish territory made up of a labyrinth of creeks, bays, and mangrove studded flats that penetrate Andros Island. Nowhere else in the world are there so many accessible flats with such great numbers of bonefish. As an option, for an additional $75.00 round trip transportation surcharge per day you can fish Long Bay, London Creek, and Stafford Creek, north of the lodge. There are numerous bonefish flats. Another available option is tent accommodations on the uninhabited west side with a cook. The price will depend on the number of anglers.

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In addition to bonefish, you will find an assortment of other fish species available including barracuda, sharks, tarpon, and permit. On the coral reef, which lies approximately one to two Small Hope Bay Lodge miles offshore, you will find grouper and snapper and an assortment of other reef species.

The top Bonefishing Areas Near Small Hope are, The Joulters: Wide open fishing flats in North Andros. Approximately one-hour drive each way. $90 round-trip transportation fee.

Stafford Creek/London Creek: Dark bottom creek with good wading ocean flats. Approximately 30-minute drive each way. $75 round-trip transportation fee.

Fresh Creek: Light bottom creek with good ocean flats. Approximately ten-minute drive each way (best option for half-day fishing excursions.) No transportation fee.

North Bight: Wide open area with cays, goes straight through island to west side. Approximately 45 minute drive each way. $75 Small Hope Bay Lodge Bahamasround-trip transportation fee. The twenty palm-shaded cottages on the beach were hand built out of coral rock and Andros pine by Small Hope Bay owner, Dick Birch. Each cabin has all the necessary amenities, including a comfortable bed, hot water, plenty of towels. The cabins are beautifully decorated with the locally produced fabric called Androsia.

The well-prepared meals are taken in the main lodge. Fresh seafood is a specialty and includes lobster and conch. The staff can accommodate special meal requests. There is a full service bar.

A short flight from Ft. Lauderdale or Nassau puts you in Fresh Creek, where you will then be transferred to the lodge by taxi.

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