Fishing in the Yucatan

If you are interested in fishing the northern Yucatan for baby and juvenile tarpon and/or fishing the southern Yucatan at Ascension Bay and Espiritu Bay for bonefish, snook, and the permit fly-fishing capitol of the world, then you have come to the right place.

Ascension Bay Mexico

Edward Johnston Searching for the elusive permit at Ascension Bay Mexico

There are two distinct fisheries in the Yucatan. With the exception of Isla Blanca, the north is primarily tarpon country, and the south is more varied with greater opportunities for bonefish, permit and snook. So, to make it easier for you to distinguish the fisheries we are dividing the Yucatan into two fishing areas, north and south.

Marco Ruz and Edward Johnston with a pair of juvenile tarpon .

Northern Yuctan

The fertile waters of Mexico’s northern Yucatan Peninsula are one of the most productive juvenile tarpon fisheries on the planet and the local waters here are abundant with these feisty adversaries. The grass flats are crystal clear and will remind the seasoned angler of the classic flats fishing at Homosassa or perhaps places in the Florida Keys or Biscayne Bay.

It’s a beautiful unspoiled area with abundant wildlife and lush foliage.  Along the coastline you will find many species of birds, turtles, fish, two species of crocodiles, but most importantly, the area is home to lots of tarpon and Mexico’s Yucatan offers some of the best fly-fishing both baby and adult migratory tarpon available today!

Isla del Sabalo Lodge: Until recently Isla del Sabalo Lodge wasn’t on the chart of many anglers. The lodge is located in a remote region on the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula north of Campeche. The peak season at Isla del Sabalo is like most other tarpon destinations is May through August, although there is a good fishery in the many unspoiled rivers here year-round. Fly-fishing the Yucatan for tarpon is as good as it gets.

Tarpon Cay Lodge: The fishery in this region offers incredible opportunities. This is tarpon country and they come in all sizes here. From itty-bitty babies to juveniles to giants, they all live here in the estuaries of the mangrove lined lagoons, clear turtle grass flats near shore, and mysterious deep water places offshore.  To see the full cycle of a tarpon’s life, from babies found in the back creeks and ponds,  to the juveniles in the mangrove estuaries, and the larger fish near the Gulf is a unique opportunity for any dedicated angler.

Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge : The Yucatan Peninsula is famous as one of the Caribbean’s best shallow water flats fishing destinations. At the very northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula is a small island named Isla Holbox. The island of Holbox is approximately ten miles long and one mile wide with a nice beach on the northern Gulf of Mexico side and a mangrove estuary on the other side. The island is also home to tarpon, both large and small plus an assortment of other favorite species.

Isla Blanca: Fly-Fishing from your hotel in /Cancun.  This amazing fly-fishing destination is located in the northern Yucatan peninsula close to Cancun. The fishery in this region offers good opportunities for bonefish, permit, snook and small tarpon.

Casa Blanca

Dolphin Skiff at Casa Blanca Lodge

Southern Yucatan

One of the finest saltwater flats’ fisheries in the world. Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay have that rare mixture of environmental ingredients which create the ideal foundations for an abundance of wildlife. The crystal clear waters offer Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook, and a host of other species. This is the permit capitol of the world – your greatest chance to catch a permit is here!

What makes this location so special is the Sian Ka’an National Park which was made a Mexican National Park in 1986 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay lie right in the heart of this 1.3 million acre reserve.

Edward Johnston, of Leisure Time Travel, has visited this part of the Yucatan peninsula 30 times in the past twenty years and has caught 80 permit with a fly rod at Ascension Bay.

Why take chances with your precious time? We’ve been there numerous times. There is no substitute for first-hand experience.

Casa Blanca Lodge:The Caribbean’s finest light tackle fishing. Big bones, tarpon, and plenty of permit. World record permit fishing in Ascension Bay. Serious Grand Slam territory! Beautiful reefs and flats. This extraordinary Lodge is located on the south side of Ascension Bay at Punta Pajaros, the northern tip of Isla Casa Blanca in the Mexican province of Quintana Roo.Now with Air-conditioning in every room! Hot Fishing – Cool Rooms!Premium space is always scarce. If you want to go there give us a call. If you have been there then you know already, if you haven’t been, then go now! Just remember, Edward Johnston told you!

Playa Blanca Lodge: Located between Espiritu Santo Bay and Ascension Bay. This lodge features a laid-back atmosphere and a beautiful beach, but has incredible expanses of crystal-clear shallow flats and undisturbed mangrove marshes. Great accommodations, delicious food, and Mayan ruins. Have Espiritu Santo Bay almost to yourself.

Grand Slam Deluxe Fly Fishing Lodge: The new Grand Slam Deluxe Fly Fishing Lodge is located on the scenic ocean-side beach of the fishing village of Punta Allen, on the northern edge of Ascension Bay. Sight cast for bones, tarpon and permit in crystalline waters and spend your evenings in luxury.

Casa Redonda Suites: Casa Redonda is a place to enjoy life at natures pace. The resort delivers seclusion and intimacy. You can simply relax or enjoy a wide range of activities. Couples and honeymooners will enjoy the romantic ambience of the beach. Casa Redonda is nestled on a private beach between Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay 120 miles south of Cancun.

Pesca Maya Lodge at Ascension Bay: The prolific fishery of Ascension Bay is just a few miles to the south and the legendary flats of Boca Paila are just a few miles to the north. Recently re-modeled, the lodge is situated on a beautiful beach at your footstep overlooking the Caribbean sea.

Last Minute Specials: When the lodges have a week that has not been booked as of a certain date, they will run “special deals” to try and get the particular weeks booked. We research our lodges and post all the current specials on this site! Better act quick before the deals are all gone!

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