Playa Blanca Lodge

Playa Blanca Lodge

Mr. Teramoto at Playa Blanca with a Permit Edward Johnston at Playa Blanca Aaron at Playa Blanca with a bonefish

Playa Blanca Lodge

Playa Blanca Main Lodge

Playa Blanca Main Lodge Roof  Top

Playa Blanca is nestled on a private beach between Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

Its only neighbors are the abundant wildlife that inhabit the area and the ancient Mayan ruins scattered through the jungle. It is difficult to imagine that such a beautiful lodge could be built so far away from civilization, but believe it!

The lodge sits within the protective boundaries of the Sian Ka'an Reserve. Sian Ka'an, Mayan for Where the sky is born, is a 1.3 million-acre natural reserve along the central coast of the province of Quintana Roo. Playa Blanca Lodge is on the threshold of the next great fishing frontier and offers access to areas that were until recently inaccessible and virtually unfished.

Capt. Johnston with a snook
A short 45 minute flight from Cancun lands you at Hualaxtoc near Casa Blanca lodge. From there you will take a short five minute boat ride and then a 20 minute truck ride along the coast of Isla Casa Blanca within sight of the sparkling turquoise waters lapping against the white coral sand beaches of the Caribbean sea. Groups of up to ten guest will be accommodated in the seaside lodges.

The Playa Blanca lodge is a place to enjoy life at natures pace. The resort delivers seclusion and intimacy. You can simply relax or enjoy a wide range of activities. Couples and honeymooners will enjoy the romantic ambience of the beach. Snorkeling enthusiasts can cruise over the endless coral reef.

Playa Blanca's Dining Area
The rooms are large and well appointed with all the modern amenities. The cottages have terra cotta floors, large bathrooms with marble vanities, and natural wood furnishings, set in white interiors with tropical accents. All rooms have patios overlooking carefully tended grounds and the ocean.

Guest dine in a comfortable setting with a view of the ocean. The food is excellent, the service is good, and the water is very drinkable being purified by a reverse osmosis system. The electric power source is solar and wind with a backup generator.

Playa Blanca Lodge accesses one of the last remote fisheries in the Caribbean. The area is a sprawling collection of clear saltwater flats, crystalline mangrove shorelines, secluded lagoons, and scattered mangrove islands. Both Espirito Santo Bay and
Playa Blanca's Docked Skiffs
Ascension Bay have a rare combination of environmental elements which create the ideal infrastructure for an abundance of wildlife. Nowhere else in the world is this extraordinary combination of unique tropical habitats in such proximity.

The area is especially well-suited for the winter months because of its relative protection from the north winds. Anglers will enjoy the fact that there is a place to fish no matter how hard the wind is blowing. Anyone who has been blown off the water for a week in the Caribbean knows how important this is.

Permit and bonefish can be found year round. Permit and bonefish are taken from the skiff or by wading mile upon mile of hard sand. Tarpon are caught throughout the year, but May and June is probably the best time if tarpon is your primary quarry. Limited numbers of snook have been taken from the numerous mangrove lagoons and brackish estuaries.

Daryl  fishing Playa Blanca
If you are looking for a refined resort experience with luxury accommodations in a remote location, your search is over. Just give us a call and we will take care of all the arrangements.

Great prices: The weekly rates for 2011 are as follows: from October 2010 - Feb. 12, 2011 and May 28 through July 2 2011- $3,545. From Feb. 12 through May 28 - $4, airfare from point of origin to Cancun, based upon two per room. This all inclusive package will include transfer from Cancun, deluxe seaside accommodations, three meals per day with non-bottled beverages, six days of fishing, snorkeling, wind surfing, sea kayaking, bicycling, natural history excursions, birding, and unlimited use of all recreational equipment. Not included are alcoholic beverages, gratuities for guide, departure taxes, and items of personal nature. Cancun Mexico is easily accessible by direct scheduled airline service. Reserve your spot now while there is space available!

Playa Blanca's beautiful Beach View

Partial week itineraries are available.

Casa Redonda and the Casa Redonda Suite have been completely re-modeled. Casa Redonda is a split plan with two private bedrooms and is perfect for two couples or a family who want to enjoy more privacy. Casa Redonda Suite has one large bedroom with a king size bed. The suite has a large deck overlooking miles of private beach. Both places are located about 400 meters north of the Playa Blanca lodge. Both places have beautiful ocean views! Continental breakfast is delivered to the rooms in the morning and all other meals will be taken at the Playa Blanca dining room. As an option, a gourmet chef and additional staff are available at an additional charge. Same prices are Playa Blanca Lodge!

Give us a call for a free brochure!

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