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Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas is reopening!

Abaco Lodge, closed since Hurricane Dorian leveled Marsh Harbor in august 2019, Abaco Lodge will reopen.

Finally, after 3 long years, Abaco lodge is in the construction stage due to debut once again to visiting anglers on April 1st, 2023.

Like the previous structure, Abaco lodge itself will have 7 rooms with baths, along with decks and porches where guests can relax as they overlook the expansive Marls fishery. Maverick skiffs are on order and guides and staff are at the ready. It’s now just a matter of finishing the construction and waiting for the paint to dry, and then the lodge will be back on top of one of the most exciting flats fisheries in the Caribbean, the Marls of Abaco,

Come and join the re-opening of Abaco Lodge. Unpressured, well-rested resources and a brand-new lodge await. Book your trip dates now and we’ll see you on the water soon! Click here for current availability


You have reached Abaco Lodge Bahamas, featuring bonefishing on the Marls of Abaco.  This intriguing lodge is built on the edge of the Marls of Abaco Island and and is on the threshold of some of the most pristine bonefish flats of all of the Bahamas. The pristine area is a perfect environment for bonefish and it is common to see vast schools of the fish tailing. If you are interested in visiting the Abaco Lodge  to fly fish for bonefish on the Marls of Abaco, please read on.

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Abaco Lodge is conveniently located just a short ride from the Marsh Harbor airport and is situated on a picturesque site overlooking the Marls of Abaco.

As you arrive you will immediately notice the Rustic look of the wood buildings painted in a bright cherry-tomato red which is a trade mark of the tropical Bahamas colors and captures the regional flavor of the Bahamian culture. The entire beautifully landscaped property takes on a decidedly Bahamian cottage air.

Right away you will sense the understated elegance of the place. You enter the main lodge through a large open-air well-appointed lanai which radiates simple elegance. The central gathering area has window walls taking in the full view of the Marls, exposed wood ceilings, and a unique reclaimed wood floor with a pickled sanded finish which together set the theme for this unique fishing lodge.


A fully stocked bar featuring premium selections of liquor, red and white wine, domestic beer, juices, sodas and other appropriate mixers and garnishes is open for your pleasure. Help yourself as all drinks are included during your visit. Water is from a reverse osmosis system.

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-UseA giant one-piece slab of mahogany makes the dining table with ample room for all guests. From this very spot you will enjoy the incredible gourmet cuisine this lodge produces. As you can imagine, there is an ample supply of fresh locally caught seafood, including fresh fish, conch and lobster, but don’t be surprised to find a rack of New Zealand lamb garnished with lots goodies washed down with excellent Argentinean red wine, and then for desert, perhaps a deconstructed Tiramisu. Simply, the food is incredible here.

The chef bakes bread, pastries and cookies daily. Their coffee is made from freshly ground beans and will be waiting for you by six. Breakfast is made to order and is served at seven. Picnic lunches of your choice and cold drinks are taken to the flats in a cooler by your guide.

Oliver’s good friend, Captain Clint Kemp, likes to say “You can’t control the fishing, but you certainly can control the food.” Oliver makes sure of that; the food is incredible here.

In the event you want to check your email or go online there is free wireless service is available. Also, you can make phone calls from the lodge for a fee.

There is a small, but well-stocked fly shop, which has plenty of flies, fly lines, reels, rods hats and clothing. Loaner rods are available for free, but if you break one there is a $250.00 fee to send it back to the US for repair.

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Each angler has their own private single-occupancy room. The ten rooms are stylish and simply decorated in a minimalist fashion with a Queen Anne bed frame with comfortable mattresses covered in fine linens, end tables with lamps, sitting bench, and writing table. All the rooms have ceiling fans, mini-split air-conditioners, and private baths with plenty of hot water. Eight of the quest rooms have balconies overlooking the water. This is a good value considering the service and amenities you receive at Abaco Lodge.

The boats dock is less than twenty-five steps from the main lodge. Loading and unloading from the floating dock is a breeze. The lodge uses five Hell’s Bay Waterman equipped with 50 hp. Motors which are good rigs for this part of the world. All of the skiffs are equipped with padded seats with a backrest and a lean bar in the front. The majority of the fishing is done from the boat but wading opportunities exist if you prefer. In the evening the guides will wash down your equipment and you can leave your rods in the rod racks on the dock which is very convenient.

And a cool freshwater pool provides a refreshing dip at the end of the day. Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use

Enough said about the lodge, so what about the fishery.


The Abacos are a string of Bahamian islands located approximately 175 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida. The “mainland” is Great Abaco, third largest island in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas are primarily a bone fishery and Abaco is no different. There are the occasional shots at permit and tarpon, but you should consider those species as a bonus. You will also have shots at barracuda, jacks, and sharks depending upon where you are fishing.

The “Marls of Abaco” are a vast expanse of prime, wilderness bonefish habitat, situated along the western shore of Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. The Marls have long been known by well-traveled bone fishermen as one of the most unique and productive fisheries in the Bahamas.

Abaco has more than 400 square miles of flats, mangroves, mangrove creeks and small lagoons on the western side of the island. In the labyrinth of creeks that penetrate Great Abaco Island lie treasures, not the ghost of pirates, but the elusive grey ghost, the bonefish. The area is perfect for bonefish and it is common to see vast schools of the fish tailing.

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use, Bonefish FlatsAbaco Lodge Bahamas is centrally located on the Marl side of the island. It is on the threshold of some of the most pristine bonefish flats of all of the Bahamas. For twenty miles the average depth is four feet, a bone fisherman couldn’t ask for a better backyard. Runs to the flats vary from 10 to 45 minutes.

On a typical fishing day you leave the dock at eight and return around four. This schedule can be tailored to your needs with advance notice. There is no organized fishing on arrival day or departure day, but you can wade in front of the lodge, walk the beach or relax in the pool. The lodge can arrange for a half day fishing if your flights allow. There will be an additional charge for this fishing.

Abaco Lodge Bahamas also offers some incredible fishing on the eastern ocean side of the island. Cherokee Sound, the Bight of Robinson and Snake Cay are minutes from the lodge and offer opportunities at incredible but challenging bonefish. And there are numerous blue holes in Cherokee sound which attract a multitude of species including mutton snapper and barracuda. These trips need to be pre-arranged with the lodge manager.

In addition to the wonderful flats fishing, Abaco has decent blue water fishing. The lodge will be happy to coordinate a day or two with the best captains available in search of marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, or tuna depending on the season. Arrangements can be made at the lodge but the best captain’s book early and we recommend you do as well. There will be an additional charge for this fishing.

Anglers can fly directly from several southeast Florida airports to Marsh Harbor or Treasure Cay airport, and then a short drive to the lodge. You can also route through Nassau. Commercial airlines with daily direct flights from the US include American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Bahamas Air, Yellow Air Taxi, and Cherokee Air.

Abaco Lodge - Abaco Island bonefishing

Getting There

Commercial airlines with direct daily flights from Nassau include Bahamas Air, Sky Bahamas, Western Air, and Abaco Air. Charter services can be arranged from Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach. Charters can be tailored to your own schedule. Private aircraft can also land at Marsh Harbor direct from the US, as the airport has international port of entry custom clearance facilities.

In every respect, from the well-trained friendly guides, top quality accommodations, and the outstanding fishery, Abaco Lodge distinguishes itself.

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