Incredible Tarpon Fishing at Campeche Tarpon Isla Del Sabalo

Welcome to Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan! This amazing destination is in a very remote region of the Yucatan peninsula near Campeche Mexico. The fishery in this region offers incredible opportunities for tarpon fishing. If you are interested in tarpon fishing at Isla del Sabalo tarpon Lodge  in the Yucatan peninsula near Campeche Mexico, read on!

Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan, Tarpon Fishing

Edward Johnston with a small Campeche tarpon

Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan until recently wasn’t on the chart of many anglers. The Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo is located in a remote region on the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula north of Campeche Mexico.

About Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan

It’s a beautiful, unspoiled area with abundant wildlife and lush foliage. The tall thick mangrove forests found here is reminiscent of the heart of the Florida Everglades. And like the Everglades, there are many pristine rivers flowing out of the mangrove jungles and back country lagoons.  Along the coastline you will find many species of birds, turtles, fish, two species of crocodiles, but most importantly, the area is home to lots of small tarpon and Mexico’s Yucatan offers some of the best tarpon fishing available today!

Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Tarpon Fishing

Marco Ruz and Edward Johnston with a clutch of tarpon .

The fertile waters of Mexico’s northern Yucatan Peninsula are one of the most productive juvenile tarpon fisheries on the planet. The local waters here are great for tarpon fishing. The grass flats are crystal clear and will remind the seasoned angler of the classic tarpon fishing at Homosassa or perhaps places in the Florida Keys or Biscayne Bay.


The ocean front accommodations at Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan are on a white sandy beach facing the Gulf of Mexico allowing for refreshing cool ocean breezes. The clean guest rooms are comfortable and well appointed. There is plenty of room for two guests sharing a cabin. There is a full private bath with shower. Housekeeping service cleans the room daily and replaces towels and bottled drinking water. Also, you will enjoy very good local Mexican and Mayan cuisine in a unique beach front palapa.

Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo, Tarpon Fishing

Isla del Sabalo Lodge guest rooms

Tarpon Fishing and More

The peak season at Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan, like most other tarpon fishing destinations, is May through August. Although, there is a good tarpon fishery here year-round in the many unspoiled rivers and numerous creeks that divide the shoreline, where you will have an opportunity for “jungle tarpon fishing.”

In the summer, you will primarily concentrate on the flats where the majority of the tarpon will be found. There are other fish available here including jacks, snappers, barracudas, spotted sea trout and snook. However, consider those as a bonus species. Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan is a fly fishing lodge developed for one purpose, tarpon fishing!

Generally, you will turn out of bed before sunrise. Hot coffee and a Mexican breakfast will be waiting for you in the main dining area of the beach front palapa.  After breakfast you will load your fishing gear into a spacious panga skiff and make the run to the prime fishing zone. The fishing operation uses eighteen foot pangas which are more than ample for two anglers and a guide.

Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo

Main palapa at Isla del Sabalo Lodge

The lodge kitchen will prepare your lunch, which will be taken with you in a cooler. Lunches consist of your choice of sandwiches, snacks, and assorted beverages.

Wherever you fish, an 8 or 9 weight fly rod is all you need here. The tarpon are eager to consume a well-presented fly and you should have plenty of opportunities to hook, jump and catch fish. Although not necessary, you may want to bring along a short fly rod for casting in tight quarters and maybe a 10 weight if you want to cast some larger bulky deer hair flies.

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Edward Johnston with a fine juvenile Yucatan tarpon

You will find some additional photos on our Facebook page which will give you an idea of the size of the Yucatan tarpon.


Easy to get to, reasonably priced, and well-matched for light tackle, this area is ideal for short trips or for longer excursions. The rate for a 7 Night / 6 Day combo package is $5,400.00 per angler (double occupancy). This will include all transfers in a new air-conditioned Ford Super Van (seats eight including our bilingual host and driver), Lodge accommodations, meals and guided fishing.  Not included is airfare to Cancun or Merida, alcoholic beverages, and tips for the guide and staff.

For a remote destination experience that offers a pure unspoiled tarpon fishery, look no further than Campeche Tarpon Isla del Sabalo Yucatan.  The gin-clear grass flats, the pristine rivers flowing out of the mangrove jungle and back country lagoons provide extraordinary tarpon fishing opportunities.

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If you have been there then you know already, if you haven’t been, then go now! Just remember, Edward Johnston told you so……….Book now for the rest of this year and/or reserve your spot in 2019. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

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