Incredible Yucatan Baby Tarpon Fly Fishing at Campeche Tarpon Fishing

Welcome to Alejandro Hernandez’s Campeche Tarpon Fishing Yucatan! This beautiful back-country destination is located in a very remote region. It is on the western side of the Yucatan peninsula near the city of Campeche Mexico. The fishery in this region offers incredible opportunities for Yucatan Baby Tarpon Fly Fishing.  If you are interested in Yucatan Baby Tarpon Fly Fishing at Campeche Tarpon Fishing near Campeche Mexico, read on!

About Campeche Tarpon Fishing Yucatan

Campeche has a long history as a colonial fortified and port city dating back to the 1500’s.  Given the city’s its rich Mayan culture and Spanish conquest, Campeche has been labeled a UNESCO world heritage site. Old Campeche is a walled city with narrow cobblestone streets. An enclave of restored pastel buildings and well-preserved mansions enclosed by heavily fortified ramparts built to protect the city from pirate attacks (in times past). You will want to look around this city while not fishing.Fabulous Historic Church in Campeche Mexico

Also, with magnificent archaeological sites scattered throughout the area combined with the Campeche’s beautiful historical center, architecture, museums, shops, restaurants, and varied sightseeing opportunities, this is a place to bring the family or non-fishing guests as there is much to keep them busy, both day and night.

Yucatan Baby Tarpon Fly Fishing

The fishing operation, although located Campeche, accesses a beautiful unspoiled region with abundant wildlife and lush foliage. It begins almost immediately north of the city, running along the coast for more than 70 miles to the small fishing village of Isla Arena. This is one of the world’s most prolific and remote stretches of juvenile tarpon water found anywhere.

This region, which encompasses of the Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve in the Mexican State of Campeche and the Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve in the Yucatán State, has a huge expanse tall thick mangrove forests reminiscent of the heart of the Florida Everglades. And like the Everglades, there are many pristine rivulets and creeks flowing out of the mangrove jungles and back country lagoons making this area of the Yucatan the most prolific baby tarpon fishery (yes, even more tarpon than Ascension or Espiritu Santo Bay).

The fertile waters of Mexico’s northern Yucatan Peninsula have an abundance of Yucatan baby tarpon fly fishing in the 5 to 30-pound range. They live in the shallow waters along the coast. The grass flats are crystal clear and will remind the seasoned angler of the classic tarpon fishing at Homosassa or perhaps places in the Florida Keys. You will be mostly sight fishing. There may be times when you cast into deeper creeks where the fish are hanging onto the bottom.

Campeche Tarpon striking the fly, Yucatan Baby Tarpon Fly Fishing


When you arrive in Merida you will greeted by a Campeche Tarpon Fishing Yucatan representative. Occasionally, you may be greeted by the owner of Campeche Tarpon, Mr. Alejandro Hernandez, a gracious, and knowledgeable Mexican Gentleman. Alejandro or one of his assistants will help you get organized and see to it that you are safely on you way in a spacious SUV or van which will take you to your place of lodging in Campeche.


The fishing program for Campeche Tarpon Fishing Yucatan centers on the Ocean View Hotel which is situated ocean side in Campeche across the street from the waterfront boardwalk. The hotel is clean, comfortable and well appointed. Ocean View Hotel offers easy access to Old Town Campeche.  Note – The Ocean View Hotel is very nice and close to where the fishing skiffs are moored, however, you have options for different Hotels.

The air-conditioned rooms are more than adequate for two guests. Decorated in contemporary style and include air conditioning, two beds, private bathroom and flat screen TV. Activities include a large swimming pool, tennis, gym and a full-service spa. Wi-Fi is available free of charge at the hotel.

We found our host, Alejandro Hernandez has that rare combination of grace and familiarity which are the essence of a fine host anywhere in the world.

Campeche Tarpon Fishing Skiff, Campeche Tarpon Fishing Yucatan Program, Yucatan Baby Tarpon Fly FishingCampeche Tarpon Fishing Program

Your fishing day starts early. You will turn out of bed before sunrise. Hot coffee and a Mexican breakfast will be waiting for you in the dining room at approximately 5:30 AM.

After breakfast, you will load your fishing gear into a spacious van and drive a short distance to where the boats are moored. There you will meet the guides who will run their boats anywhere from 15 min to an hour and a half to the prime fishing area.

Once the day’s fly-fishing grounds are reached, the guide will start slowly poling the boat while looking for the tell-tale sign of rolling tarpon.

On a typical fishing day, an angler should see dozens and dozens (perhaps hundreds) of tarpon that range in size from babies to thirty pounds. At times, it is not unusual to see a single school of tarpon containing hundreds of fish. You should have many casting opportunities at tarpon rolling out in the open away from the mangroves.

As the tide rises some of the tarpon will forage inland. During these times you may investigate the mangroves and creeks where you should see tarpon as well.

What could make a difference? Primarily the weather. If the wind blows stiff, it may stir up the water and if the rain comes down hard, well you know, it’s time to take a break and let it pass.

You’re usually back at the hotel by 3:00 p.m. (mol) leaving you time for a relaxing swim or siesta before departing for dinner (on your own).

Getting There

Easy to get to, inexpensive, and well-suited to light tackle, Campeche Tarpon Fishing Yucatan is ideal for short trips. Also, for longer adventures that combine two or more destinations such as Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca Lodges on the Caribbean side of the Yucatan peninsula.

The easiest way to get there is to fly to Merida, which is located about two hours to the north and accessible by a safe and well paved highway.

There are direct flights Mérida every day—from Houston, Atlanta and Miami.

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