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Most of us have been patiently waiting for a chance to go fishing.

With the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world this has not been a good time to travel to distant locations.

Most countries have remained diligent in their effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

However, travel restrictions are starting to loosen up a bit. We will discuss the current situations below.

 Current Last Minute Fishing Trips & Specials Updated on September 30, 2022.


Abaco Lodge – Abaco Island Bahamas

Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas will reopen!

Closed since Hurricane Dorian leveled Marsh Harbor in august 2019, Abaco Lodge will reopen. Finally, after 3 long years, the lodge is in the construction stage due to debut once again to visiting anglers on April 1st, 2023.

This intriguing lodge is just a short ride from the Marsh Harbor airport and is situated on a picturesque site overlooking the Marls of Abaco and is on the threshold of some of the most pristine bonefish flats of all of the Bahamas.

Like the previous structure, the lodge itself will have 7 rooms with baths, along with decks and porches where guests can relax as they overlook the expansive Marls fishery. Maverick skiffs are on order and guides and staff are at the ready. It’s now just a matter of finishing the construction and waiting for the paint to dry, and then the lodge will be back on top of one of the most exciting flats fisheries in the Caribbean, the Marls of Abaco,

Come and join the re-opening of Abaco Lodge. Unpressured, well-rested resources and a brand-new lodge await. Book your trip dates now and we’ll see you on the water soon!

  • April 5th to 9th, 2023 | 4 nights & 3 days fishing – 8 rods available
  • April 9th to 12th, 2023 | 3 nights & 2 days fishing – 8 rods available
  • May 7th to 13th, 2023 | 6 nights & 5 days fishing – 8 rods available
  • May 20th to 24th, 2023 | 4 nights & 3 days fishing – 8 rods available

Playa  Blanca Lodge – Yucatan Mexico
Playa Blanca and sister lodge Casa Blanca are the most sought after destinations in our portfolio. Large numbers of bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and other shallow-water species.
World Class Flats Fishing in the Yucatan Peninsula. Space is scarce – get it while you can!

This is a hard-core angler destination however it is perfect for couples looking for a private Caribbean getaway.

Available Date(s):

  • August 26-Sept 02 , 2023 | Rate: $5,704.00 (based on double occupancy)

Email us now to grab a spot.

Casa Blanca Lodge – Yucatan Mexico
Casa Blanca and sister Lodge Playa Blanca are the most sought after destinations in our portfolio.
World Class Flats Fishing in the Yucatan Peninsula. Space is scarce – get it while you can!

1 Boat Available the following weeks:

  • January 7-14, 2023
  • February 25, 2023- March 4, 2023
  • March 25, 2023- April 1, 2023

Email us now to grab a spot.

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge – Andros Island Bahamas
Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge is a small lodge situated on the southeastern tip of Andros Island.
It affords anglers a short and easy skiff ride to pristine flats teeming with unpressured Bonefish.

Available Dates 2022:

  • October 10-15, 2022 | 10 Rods
  • October 15-22, 2022 | 4 Rods
  • November 26-Dec 3 | 4 Rods
  • December 3-10, 2022 | 8 Rods
  • December 10-17, 2022 | 10 Rods

Available Dates 2023:

  • January 7-17, 2023 | 10 Rods
  • January 21-28, 2023 | 2 Rods
  • February 4-11, 2023 | 6 Rods
  • February 11-18, 2023 | 2 Rods
  • May 13-20, 2023 | 8 Rods
  • May 20-27, 2023 | 10 Rods
  • May 27-June 3, 2023 | 6 Rods

Email us now to grab a spot.

Bair’s Lodge – Bahamas
Bonefishing on the crystal clear flats and mangrove creeks of South Andros Island

Available Dates 2022:

  • October 1-6, 2022 | 2 Rods
  • October 6-10, 2022 | 12 Rods
  • November 2-9, 2022 | 4 Rods
  • November 18-24, 2022 | 12 Rods

Email us now to grab a spot.

Belize River Lodge– Ladyville, Belize

The Belize River Lodge sits on the green banks of Belize Olde River, only 3.5 miles from the mouth of the river- the entrance into the Caribbean Sea. This lodge is a tried and proven world-class fishing lodge, in operation since 1960. Enjoy fishing for bonefish , tarpon, permit and snook, here, at this anglers paradise.

2022 “2 for 1” Summer – Fall Special

Belize River Lodge is again offering the “2 for 1” special this summer and fall. The special is “purchase any single package and the second person is free” on any Belize River Lodge (BRL) or Long Caye Outpost Lodge (LCOL) packages ~ fishing, touring or combos. This year, the special is available July 1 to December 21, 2022.

Email us now to grab a spot.

Turneffe Island Resort– Belize

This private island resort is located off the coast of Belize, just 30 miles from the world-famous Great Blue Hole. Spend your days with fins or fishing rod in hand.

Email us now for details and requirements.

Grand Slam Lodge– Mexico

Located just outside the small fishing village of Punta Allen, Grand Slam Lodge provides fly and spin fishing anglers immediate access to incredible sight fishing opportunities for permit, bonefish, tarpon and snook while offering the most private and secluded accommodations.


2 for 1 ! (2 people)

$350.00 for two people

(Regular price- $310.00 per person)

Quotes are sent according to each equest*

Email us now to grab a spot!

Delphi Club – Bahamas

Abaco Island tranquility meets luxury bonefishing at Delphi Club Bahamas

Available Dates 2022/2023:

  • November 19-22, 2022 | 2 Rods
  • January 3-7, 2023 | 8 Rods
  • January 7-10, 2023 | 10 Rods
  • January 28-31, 2023 | 6 Rods
  • February 5-11, 2023 | 8 Rods
  • February 11-14, 2023 | 2 Rods
  • February 18-21, 2023 | 4 Rods
  • February 24- March 1, 2023 | 2 Rods
  • May 20-25, 2023 | 12 Rods
  • June 18-21 | Private Booking | 14 Rods/7 Skiffs

Email us now to grab a spot.

The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands and over 2,000 rocks and cays, sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean. The archipelago is an fishing oasis, boasting some of the clearest water on the planet.

The Bahamas has remained diligent in efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 throughout the islands and continues to follow the guidance of the Ministry of Health and government organizations

Prior to departing to the Bahamas – Step 1: Travelers are required to complete an electronic Health Visa at www.travel.gov.bs Step2: Effective Tuesday, September 1- Travelers must present a Covid-19 RT-PCR test with a negative result. The test must be taken no more than 5 days prior to the date of travel. Test results must be uploaded in the Health Vis portal and presented upon arrival.

Full details on entry protocols to The Bahamas can be found on www.bahamas.com/travelupdates . For additional details and the Prime Minister’s recent remarks and statements, please visit www.opm.gov.bs

Give us a call or send an email for Last Minute Fishing Trips and we will let you know which lodges are open and best time to go there. And remember, we are here to help you find a great lodge. Booking through us does not cost you anything extra and you do benefit from our knowledge and experience from being there. Email [email protected] or phone 352-795-3474

Casa Blanca Lodge and sister lodge Playa Blanca has just reopened. The Caribbean’s finest light tackle fishing. Big bones, tarpon, and plenty of permit. Incredible expanses of crystal-clear shallow flats and undisturbed mangrove marshes. Great accommodations, delicious food, and serious fishing.

Give us a call or send an email for Last Minute Fishing Trips and we will let you know the availibility at the lodges and best time to go there. And remember, we are here to help you, plus you will benefit from our knowledge and experience from being there thirty-six times to date (yes 36 times !). Email [email protected] or phone 352-795-3474

  The Belize government says it will reopen its borders to international travel on October 1. Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport is set to reopen on Oct. 1,  marking the resumption of the country’s tourism sector following months of closure due to COVID-19.


Calling all travelers in need of a tropical escape! Starting November 7, 2021, Southwest Airlines will resume flights to Belize from Houston and Denver. Additionally, Alaska Airlines will offer nonstop flights from Los Angeles and Seattle to Belize City beginning November 19. Book your flight and start packing for a trip to paradise!

Give us a call or send an email for Last Minute Fishing Trips and we will let you know the availibility at the lodges and best time to go there. Email [email protected] or phone 352-795-3474

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