Enjoy World Class Bonefishing at the H2O Bonefishing Bahamas

H2O Bonefishing Bahamas: Catching a bonefish is always thrilling. The excitement of the hunt and of watching the fish recognize, gobble up your fly and tear across a slick surface is about as good as it gets. Whether a beginner to saltwater fishing or a hardened saltwater angler, each client at H2O Bonefishing is exclusively catered to both on and off the water. If you are interested in world class bonefishing with H2O Bonefishing on flats at Grand Bahama Island– read on!

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H2O Bonefishing centers around Port Lucaya in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.

Pelican Bay Hotel at Port Lucaya Grand Bahama Island

About H2O Bonefishing Bahamas

Whether you are an ardent angler seeking fine bonefishing on some of the productive flats in the Bahamas, or in the spirit of compromise, you wish to provide a good vacation for your non-angling companions, then Freeport Grand Bahama Island is the perfect destination to achieve your objective.

The proprietor of H2O Bonefishing Bahamas, Mr. Greg Vincent, selected this area of the Bahamas mainly because of the fantastic fishery with its large quantity of bonefish. All the other amenities and facilities can be considered a bonus. To quote Greg Vincent: “While the size of our bones has impressed many anglers, it has also been the quantity of fish that have had many anglers returning year after year.”Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use

For the angler with a non-fishing partner and/or children, the H2O Bonefishing program eliminates the need to choose between world class bonefishing for the anglers and comfort, amenities and activities for the non-angler. At H2O Bonefishing Bahamas, you have the best of both worlds.


Getting There

Additionally, H2O Bonefishing Bahamas is uncomplicated to get to. For anglers living in the eastern US, there is no reason to go half way around the world when there is incredible fishing in the Bahamas within a single day’s flight. There is no need for a charter flight and no need to spend the night anywhere en route.

You can take a direct flight from many cities in the United States to Ft. Lauderdale, then a 40 minute jump over to Freeport. From the airport, it is a short taxi ride to the Hotel. Also, there are not any specific transfer days at H2O Bonefishing, so you can arrive on any day of the week and visit for as many days you wish.

H2O Bonefishing combines a first-class bone fishing experience with waterfront lodging. You’re lodging centers on Port Lucaya in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, with an attractive, spacious and comfortable tropically decorated room at the charming Pelican Bay Hotel.

The Pelican Bay Hotel features tropically decorated rooms. Each spacious air-conditioned room has tiled floors and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors which open to your private balcony overlooking the marina and harbor at Port Lucaya. You will be within easy walking distance to the Port Lucaya Marketplace, Lucayan Beach, and the Lucayan Beach Casino.

The Hotel has all of the modern conveniences you would expect such as cable TV, direct dial phone, mini-bar/refrigerator and in-room espresso/coffee maker. Also available, is a business center and wireless internet service.

Pelican Bay Hotel was awarded the prestigious Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s “Small Treasures of the Bahamas” designation in recognition of the rewarding island experience it provides to visitors, but also because of its pleasing combination of Caribbean cheerfulness and European sophistication, a result of ingenious design by Danish architects.H2O Bonefishing, Bahamas, Leisure Time Travel

Two separate packages are available to include either a one bedroom suite or deluxe room. Each room can be furnished with a choice of 2 beds for sharing fishing partners or a very spacious King option for couples or single anglers.


The H2O Bonefishing Bahamas has a slightly different meal plan than most lodges. You will start your day with a full service complimentary hot or cold breakfast served at the hotel’s Canal House restaurant. For lunch, anglers will have a choice of freshly made sandwiches and a box lunch while on the water.

Owing to the unique nature of your fishing vacation, lunch for the non-anglers and dinners are not included in the package price, enabling party members to enjoy the town and numerous dining options each evening. You can dine at two restaurants located on the hotel property, or take a short walk across the street to the Port Lucaya Marketplace with many fine restaurants and shops. There more than 20 restaurants, from pizza to gourmet, located within a three minute walk from the hotel. This is perfect for the evening meal and convenient for the non-fishing spouse. The friendly hotel staff will be pleased to assist you with reservations.Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use

The new “Bones” clubhouse: The new “Bones” clubhouse and bar is located at the Pelican Bay property at Port Lucaya Marina within a few yards of all the guest rooms at Pelican Bay Hotel. The Bones clubhouse will open daily as it would at any fishing lodge worldwide. Bones will be the meeting place for all H2O Bonefishing’s guests on arrival for orientation. All H2O Bonefishing clients will receive reserved seating. Bones will serve daily as an ‘ Après Fish ‘ clubhouse for all bonefish anglers to relax, swap stories and the usual shenanigans. Check out our latest report here.


Ok, enough of the nonessential stuff, lets get on with the fishing. The question you must have by now is with all this building and infrastructure could there possibly be any good bonefishing? The answer is yes with a capital “Y.” The fishing is not affected by its close proximity and the hustle and bustle of Freeport, Port Lucaya and their many resorts.

The northern side of Grand Bahama Island is virtually uninhabited, and has some of the most expansive flats in the Bahamas. This is where you will be fishing. Grand Bahama Island is 96 miles long and 17 miles at the widest point. If you have fished the upper Bahamas before, this area is reminiscent of the middle bights of Andros, the east end of Grand Bahama Island, and the marls of Great Abaco Island. If you are new to this sport, this is where you will find some of the best bonefishing left on the planet.

Fishing for bonefish can be extraordinary. You will have many opportunities to cast to schools of bones averaging 3 to 6 pounds. You will come across bones in the 7 and 8 pound range just about daily and larger doubles and singles are regularly encountered. Grand Bahama Island is one of the few destinations where you have a realistic chance to hook a double digit fish. The largest bonefish caught to date with H2O Bonefishing weighed more than 14 pounds.

Grand Bahama Island is primarily a bone fishery. However, this area offers occasional opportunities for tarpon, permit, plus a host of other species, including barracuda, jacks, snapper and sharks.

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The main area you will be fishing is the undeveloped north shoreline of Grand Bahama Island for which there is very little human presence to compromise the quality of the natural environment. Bonefish are found on the Grand Bahama flats every month of the year. In the event you have a north wind in the winter, as an option, you can fish the south side of the island from the boat, or you can wade the sandy beaches found there.

There are literally a hundred square miles of expansive flats, creeks and mangroves cays which encompass a huge area teeming with bonefish. This area does not see much angling pressure and as result, the bonefish are not as skittish as those found where the fishing pressure is much higher.

The bottom of the flats varies in composition from firm white sand, where you will have opportunity to wade fish, to soft marl and turtle grass bottoms which you will fish from the boats. The bonefish like these areas as there is an ample food supply of minnows, shrimp, crabs, and other crustaceans. This pristine and healthy environment contributes to the large numbers and size of fish being caught.

Each fishing day you will be met by your guide directly in front of the hotel lobby and driven to the Northern side of the island. The best spot will be chosen depending upon the weather. There are large canals on each side of Freeport which will allow you to take a boat across the island. However, by driving a short 20 minutes, you save a lot of time.

H2O Bonefishing Bahamas : Maverick flats skiff in front of Pelican Bay Hotel

H2O Bonefishing uses 16-foot Maverick Mirage flat skiffs. You can cover a lot of territory fast and in comfort. The most wonderful part of this whole operation is that you don’t have to look very hard to find fish. And big fish? “Lord have children,” you may have an opportunity to be in double digit fish heaven!

H2O Bonefishing, BahamasContrasting some places in the Bahamas that just book independent guides and call it a fishing package, the guides working for H2O Bonefishing are all employees.  In order to ensure a superior fishing experience, H2O Bonefishing oversees the entire fishing operation by maintaining a constant flow of staff, which is not possible by hiring personnel on an if-or-when daily basis. This is the system that best ensures everything is working smoothly with back up staff and boats.

Also, there are two other fishing plans worth mentioning: The H2O Bonefishing No Boundaries Program utilizes a larger 21 foot custom flats boat, designed not only to travel further and faster in more comfort, but also to target a wider verity of species on fly. Unique in the Bahamas, the program offers clients the possibilities to fish the more remote areas. With these boats, you can easily fish the entire northern side of the island.  This program is an upgrade and easily customized to individual client requests. Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use. H2O Bonefishing Bahamas

The H2O Offshore Program targets yellow fin tuna, which move into local waters around the beginning of April, along with other tuna species and the ever present Dorado. All are targeted offshore until September. Yellow fin tuna average 15- to 25- pounds and have been landed up to 60- pounds on fly. An appealing aspect of fly fishing offshore is the bite time which turns on late afternoon and early evening. This allows anglers to fish the flats and also have the option to experience the action offshore on the very same day. This program is also an upgrade and easily customized to individual client requests.

At the end of each day anglers frequently meet at the Sabor Restaurant and Pool Bar on the hotel premises for a cool drink and share some of their fish stories before dinner. The Sabor Restaurant has a good selection of wine, beer and cocktails as well as a complete lunch and dinner menu. So, if you’re really tired you can just stay there, but we can tell you from experience, Sabor’s is an excellent choice for fine food.

Other Activities

The Pelican Bay Hotel has three swimming pools, hot tub, pool bar and three restaurants. The Hotel has a full service concierge desk that can help you select and arrange many non-angling activities.

Port Lucaya is one of the few places that has great fishing for the angler and comfort and charm for the non-angler. There are numerous leisure activities the spouse and non-anglers can enjoy in area’s lively retail and restaurant district, casinos and of course the beautiful beaches.

H2O Bonefishing : Sabor's Restaurant at Pelican Bay :The Port Lucaya Marketplace offers upscale shopping in duty free shops, dining at many fine restaurants and bars, and entertainment. This six-acre waterfront entertainment complex centers on the bandstand at Count Basie Square where local events are frequently held. The legendary jazz pianist built a home in Freeport. If you want to get in on the gambling action, the Lucayan Beach Casino will give you plenty of excitement and action.

There is also deep sea fishing, reef fishing, water sports, scuba diving and reef exploring, swimming with Dolphins, glass bottom boat tours, ocean kayaking, tennis, horseback riding, and eco-tour adventures, where you can walk through and explore the wilderness.

H2O Bonefishing is centrally located, offering guests easy access to a variety of the islands best restaurants, as well as a number of activities within a very short walk from the hotel. Should non-angling activities for wives and/or family be a consideration, it’s very hard to find a better program to cater to them while knowing there will be zero compromise to the quality of your flats fishing.

Plan Your Trip Now

Catching a bonefish is always thrilling. The excitement of the hunt and of watching the fish recognize, gobble up your fly and tear across a slick surface is about as good as it gets.

On Grand Bahama Island, the fishing is as good as or better than ever. When the economy slowed down, the Bahamas fishing industry has also cooled off a bit. As a result, many lodges that were always booked now have some availability, including H2O Bonefishing Bahamas. Let us help you arrange your next trip!

H2O Bonefishing and Pelican Bay are one of the easiest destinations to reach in all the Bahamas. Your stay at the Pelican Bay Hotel is included in your fishing package. There are no set arrival or departure days at H2O Bonefishing. Customized packages that include extra nights can be easily arranged.

H2O Bonefishing Outlook for 2020

Exceptional fishing ins expected for the 2020 season. The fishery remains undamaged and will have received little to no pressure along the 100 miles of this fishery since June 2019. By peak booking season, February to June 2020, normal flights will have returned and will make H2O Bonefishing a prime choice for saltwater anglers. Fishing here now and for the future, is in fact a smart choice for anglers. We believe that the fishing is very, very good. Come down to the Bahamas and see what we are talking about!

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