Long Caye Island Resort Features Belize’s Best Fishing

Long Caye Island Resort Belize

Long Caye Island Resort Belize

About Long Caye Island Resort Belize

The Belize River Lodge Outpost at Long Caye Island Resort Belize sits on the front of the island. This resort overlooks Belize’s Barrier Reef and offers spectacular views of the sparking blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea. The Resort caters to anglers and people who are just looking to get away from it all in a comfortable and relaxing setting.


While called an outpost, Belize River Lodge’s Outpost is more of a destination. It offers three double occupancy bedrooms and a shared bath (hot & cold water) for all guests. Thereby, catering to groups/families of up to 6 people. The main building has a full veranda overlooking the beach and sea. All rooms have ceiling fans and power is from a generator, which will run while you are visiting this breathtakingly beautiful island retreat.

Long Caye Island Resort, Belize : Leisure Time Travel

Fishing & Other Activities

Whether you are fishing or touring, both are available from the Long Caye Island Resort Belize. If fishing, Belize River Lodge’s Outpost focuses on fishing. As with fishing from the main Lodge, Belize River Lodge’s guides fish long hours. As the Long Island Caye Resort sits in some of Belize’s best fishing waters, you have a choice of your fishing day. Choose to fish early and/or fish late.

If you are relaxing or touring, Long Caye Island Resort Belize caters to your preferences. You can snorkel the Barrier Reef, manatee watch, swim in the warm Caribbean waters or relax on the beach in an astoundingly beautiful setting, being waited on by your staff.

At the Long Caye Island Resort Belize, your day is up to you; you and the staff decide on the activities of the day. If you would like to sleep in, your cook can make a late morning breakfast. On the other hand, if you are an early riser, coffee will be ready with a breakfast to start the day.

BRL’s Long Caye Island Resort Belize is the only resort on the island, so it makes for a relaxing get-away-from-it-all vacation with the amenities and service that Belize River Lodge is known for.

Long Caye Island Resort Belize

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