World Class Bahamas Bonefishing

Within these pages you will learn about world class Bahamas bonefishing vacation. If you are interested in world class Bahamas bonefishing, flats fishing and fly fishing, you’ll find a bonefishing lodge to satisfy your yearning in the Out Islands of The Bahamas.

Anglers enjoy the Bahamas year round due to the pleasant climate. The numerous opportunities for world class Bahamas bonefishing make it even better.  The natives like to say “It’s better in the Bahamas.”

We will tell you the Bahamas is the number one bonefishing destination in the Caribbean!


Andros Islan Bonefish Club : Ted Williams in a988

Ted Williams at Andros Island Bonefish Club in 1988. Edward Johnston Photo.

About the Bahamas

With approximately 700 islands, the Bahamas have the largest area of Bonefish flats in the world. The Bonefish has won its reputation based on its finicky eating habits and ability to empty a fly reel with blinding speed. The Bahamas offers uncharted spaces where you will seldom see another angler all day. In addition to world class Bahamas bonefishing, you will find an assortment of other fish species available. Such other species include Barracuda, Sharks, Tarpon, Permit, Grouper, Snapper and more.Deep Water Cay Lodge - Deep Water Cay's Hells Bay skiff

We keep looking for good Bahama bonefishing destinations and revisiting the other lodges we represent. For 2019, we have shortened our list of good quality lodges in order to maintain the high standards our customers expect from us. All of the lodges we have listed are in the middle or northern Bahamas, which are usually easy to get to. Unless you take a charter flight or have the use of an aircraft, the southern Bahama Islands can be a challenge to get to, due to unreliable local air service.

Several of the lodges offer non-fishing activities for you, your spouse, and other non-fishing guest. We will help you compare each lodge to select the one that best meets your goals. And, don’t forget to check out our Last Minute Fishing Specials

Edward R. Johnston, and the seasoned saltwater staff of Leisure Time Travel, have visited the Bahamas several dozen times. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to world class Bahamas bonefishing!

Abaco Lodge: Located on the Marls side of Great Abaco Island, in the Bahamas. The Abacos are a string of Bahamian islands located approximately 175 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida. The “mainland” is Great Abaco, third largest island in the Bahamas. You will fish the Marls of Abaco,” which are a vast expanse of prime, wilderness bonefish habitat, situated along the western shore of Great Abaco Island. Abaco Lodge accommodates a maximum of 8 anglers, each in a single room with private bath. World class Bahamas bonefishing!

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Bair’s Lodge: Located at Little Creek between Kemps Bay and Mars Bay, on South Andros Island. Andros Island has been the name synonymous with the biggest bonefish, and South Andros has built a reputation over the years as being the location for “Giant” bonefish. Anglers fly into Congo Town in South Andros Island. The transfer from the airport to the lodge takes twenty minutes.

Delphi Club: Located on Abaco’s east coast, you will find the elegant colonial-style plantation great house of the Delphi Club. The Marls of Abaco Island have some of the most pristine bonefish flats of all of the Bahamas. The unspoiled area is a perfect environment for bonefish and it is common to see vast schools of the fish tailing. World class Bahamas bonefishing, comfy accommodations, pleasant climate, gorgeous beaches and a panoramic view of the clear Atlantic Ocean make this a perfect tropical hideaway.

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge: A small lodge situated on the southeastern tip of Andros that affords anglers a short and easy skiff ride to pristine flats teeming with unpressured bonefish. The lodge itself is located on a flat large enough for a dozen fishermen. Mars Bay is the end of the road; you can’t drive any further south in the Bahamas. That puts you ten miles closer to the best fishing grounds on Andros than the nearest lodge. With some of the least fished flats of South Andros and access to the fabled West Side, Bair’s Lodge and Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge represent the ultimate for sight fishing for big bonefish. A great lodge for true world class Bahamas bonefishing.

Andros Island Bonefish Club: Located at Cargill Creek on Andros Island. There are miles of gorgeous, hard sand wade-able flats less than a mile from the “Tongue of the Ocean.” Bonefish average 5-7 pounds with at least one 12 pound fish caught most days. When fly fishing great “Lefty Kreh” was asked if he had just one last day to fish for bonefish – “Where would he do it?” Lefty said he would “go to Andros Island Bonefish Club (FFSW Jan 97).” Outstanding world class Bahamas bonefishing!Grand Bahama Bonefishing : Edward Johnston, world class bahamas bonefishing

Grand Bahama Bonefishing: Your guides, the Pinder brothers, have been fishing for two generations, with over 60 years of combined experience. These guides literally grew up in the guiding business at the famed Deep Water Cay Club on the island’s East End. Their unsurpassed knowledge and understanding of bonefishing, jovial nature, and excellent communication skills make for a very exciting day on the water for anglers of all casting abilities.

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H2O Bonefishing:  This extraordinary Bonefish Club is located at Port Lucaya in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. The northern side of Grand Bahama Island is virtually uninhabited, and this is where you will be fishing. And big fish? “Lord have children,” you will be in double digit bonefish heaven! Another great lodge for world class Bahamas bonefishing.

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Deep Water Cay:  Located in the middle of over 200 square miles of the most fertile bonefish flats imaginable, many of which are ideal for the wading angler. Average bonefish weigh in at 4-6 pounds with many 7-9 pound fish. The lodge record is 13 1/2 pounds! Permit are there as well. Incredible saltwater flats fishing matched with luxurious accommodations and gracious hospitality make Deep Water Cay one of the premier lodges in the Caribbean. Throw in white sand beaches, colorful coral and marine life, and a sunny tropical climate and you have a vacation destination that can’t be beat. Luxury Lodging & Excellent Bonefishing at Deep Water Cay Club Bahamas!

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BlackFly Lodge: The Blackfly Lodge, previously known as Black Fly Bonefish Club, is located at the south eastern end of Great Abaco Island halfway between Marsh Harbor and Sandy Point. This unique Lodge is perfectly located to fish some of Abaco’s finest flats. The“Brand New” Lodge is now open in Schooner Bay, Bahamas.

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These lodges are a little further south in the Bahamas. World class Bahamas bonefishing and beautiful beaches!

Stella Maris Resort: Located on Long Island in the Southern Out Islands of the Bahamas, described by Christopher Columbus as “the world’s most beautiful island.” Superb bonefishing and big game fishing. The resort is located in a plantation style hotel with ocean views on one of the highest elevations in the Bahamas.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort: Located on Long Island, this unspoiled jewel in the sun is the Bahama’s best kept secret. Flats and deep sea fishing is one of the resort’s specialties. First class accommodations and beautiful beaches!


Last Minute Fishing Specials: When the lodges have a week that has not been booked as of a certain date, they will run “special fishing deals” to try and get the particular weeks booked. We research our lodges and post all the current specials on this site! Better act quick before the deals are all gone! Quick and easy last minute fishing trips.

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