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Caribbean Fly Fishing Adventures in the Bahamas, Ascension Bay, Yucatan, Costa Rica, Mexico and Guatemala

 Leisure Time Travel is READY to help you plan your fishing vacation!

We have been arranging adventure travel itineraries throughout the Caribbean for more than twenty years. We specialize in the extra attention to detail that makes each itinerary truly special, and we have the most comprehensive pre-trip package in the business.

Seven Reasons to Book With Us

1. No additional costs, between you and the lodge: Please bear in mind that it costs you no more to book with Edward Johnston’s Leisure Time Travel than if you were to make individual arrangements with each and every lodge. We NEVER add a mark up.

Edward Johnston with a nice permit from Ascension Bay

Edward Johnston with a nice permit from Ascension Bay

2. We have selected the most reliable lodges in the Caribbean, and we will personally help you get the most of your Caribbean fishing vacation.  The benefits we provide to you are plentiful, especially for our unbiased, experienced advice. And when feasible, we personalize your adventure travel itineraries tailored to your particular requests.

3. Best available rate assured at time of booking! Our business is registered with the state of  Florida under the name of Leisure Time Travel, Inc. Florida Seller of Travel Registration #16607.  This seller of travel registration allows us to legally sell travel arrangements to our customers.

4. If you have a problem, you can call us. Should a problem arise, it’s a lot easier to locate us than it is to track down an out of country lodge owner.

5. Have the confidence knowing that Edward Johnston’s from Leisure Time Travel has visited the lodge area and knows what to expect. Why take chances with your precious time? We’ve been there! There is no substitute for first-hand experience.

6. We want our customers to enjoy themselves and not worry about all the details involved in planning a vacation. In this day and age, there is a vast amount of information being pitched to consumers, making it difficult to sort through options. For more than 20 years, Leisure Time Travel, Inc. offers broad unbiased information and the first hand knowledge that only comes from being there. We use that knowledge on your behalf with a level of service and attention to detail which you will appreciate.

7. We do not try to be “jack of all trades” because, as you are well aware you will be “master of none.” You really can’t dig too deeply if you try to cover the world. We specialize in the Bahamas, Mexico’s Yucatan, Belize and Costa Rica. By narrowing our range, we have the opportunity to visit the best fishing lodges in these countries on a regular basis and as a result, serve you better.

First-Hand Experience

Over the years we have seen some fisheries improve and others decline and have watched new lodges appear and others fade away. The fact is, very few things remain the same, the fishing locations and lodges change for the better or worse over time.

The only way you acquire this knowledge is from being there. We continually stay informed on the latest developments in the fishing world. As fishermen, we understand how important it is to have a trip run smoothly. First and foremost, our job is to make sure we put our clients at the right lodge during the proper time of the year for the type of fishing they desire.

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Edward Johnston here, call us anytime!

Informative Agents

We will truthfully and accurately describe the particular lodge, the primary species of fish for the area, advise you on the type of tackle to bring, which flies and lures are the best to use, the best tides and phase of the moon for fishing and the best time of the year you should be there.

Booking with Leisure Time Travel costs no more than dealing directly with the lodge, and we can help save you time, money, and costly mistakes by helping you make the right decisions about your travel interests for maximum enjoyment during your fishing vacation.


Our customers may like to know that we incorporated our business more than twenty years ago and we have operated Edward Johnston’s – Leisure Time Travel, Inc. from the same location in Crystal River, Florida for the last nineteen years. We are not going to knock someone for working out of their home or such, as everyone needs to start somewhere. We would like you to try this little test; Google our address and then select the little yellow icon above the zoom bar and drag it to our location.

Edward Johnston's - Leisure Time Travel Inc. Corporate Office

Edward Johnston’s – Leisure Time Travel Inc. Corporate Office

Take a look at the photo which will be very similar to the photo we have attached. Now, do the same with any other company you are considering using. This only reinforces our permanency and stability as a company.

Escape to the Caribbean Tropics and let Edward Johnston and Leisure Time Travel, Inc. put you in the right place at the right time for fly and light tackle fishing. We know all the major flats lodges and provide honest and accurate trip-planning advice to make your trip a success.

We want you to book your fishing vacation with us. Call and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. They will be pleased to help you make an intelligent decision on your next fishing destination to make sure you get to the right place at the right time. ON YOUR DREAM FISH!



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