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Edward Johnston Fishing at Crocodile Bay

Crocodile Bay Lodge is the finest fishing and adventure tour destination in Costa Rica. The waters surrounding the lodge are inhabited by a large variety of fish. They can now add Costa Rica tarpon to the list which makes it that much better!

We all enjoy a fun day of fishing, and there is probably nothing as exciting as catching a tarpon on light tackle.

Catching a Silver King in the Golfo Dulce should be considered an added bonus as the fishery has not developed to the point where you can consistently target this species; however, this is exciting news for Leisure Time Travel and our friends at Crocodile Bay Lodge.

Costa Rica Tarpon

Tarpon are mainly found in the Atlantic waters. To stumble upon a tarpon or two in the Pacific waters is unusual, but it does happen. In our visits to Crocodile Bay over the past ten years we heard the stories about anglers catching these mighty fish in the waters near Crocodile Bay Lodge.

Tarpon have passed through the Panama Canal and somehow made their way up into the Pacific side of Costa Rica, but chances of the small tarpon swimming that entire way are slight. Discovery of the small tarpon has lead Todd Staley, Fishing Director at Crocodile Bay Lodge, to believe that the Costa Rica tarpon must be breeding in the Pacific waters as well. “It wasn’t until recently when locals started catching small tarpon that I thought that there is no way these little guys are swimming all the way up here from the Canal Zone,” said Staley.

We don’t want you to be left out on all the action…contact Edward Johnston at Leisure Time Travel for your chance to catch a variety of hard fighting species at Crocodile Bay Lodge. All trips to Crocodile Bay booked before December 23, 2011 will receive 20% off the regular fishing rate.


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