Ascension Bay, Casa Blanca Lodge, Mexico

Casa Blanca Lodge, Ascension Bay, Mexico

Quite easily, Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay are one of the finest saltwater flats fishing destinations in the world. The two bays are located in the heart of the Sian Ka’an National Park which spreads over more than a two thousand square miles, or about 1.3 million acres of wide-open flood plains, tropical dry forest and some of the most gorgeous saltwater flats on the planet.

Ascension Bay, Permit

Noni with a Nice Ascension Bay Permit

One of the last great unspoiled and undeveloped spots in the Yucatan, Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay are considered by many to have the finest flats fishing in the world for a shot at a permit and a grand slam.

The two sister lodges of Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca are easy to travel to. There are numerous flights from most major US and International Cities to Cancun Mexico. From Cancun, you will travel south, but here is where the similarity with the other few lodges near Ascension Bay ends. From Cancun airport you will fly directly to Casa Blanca Lodge and if you are headed for Playa Blanca Lodge, you just add a 20 minute ride along the winding ocean front road to the lodge. The flight, which takes more or less an hour, cuts about three hours off your travel time. The alternative method to reach the northern side of Ascension Bay, depending upon the road conditions is a four-hour drive.

Ascension Bay, Playa Blanca Lodge, Permit

B. Hayes with a Permit he caught during a stay at Playa Blanca Lodge

Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca both offer large and well appointed first class seaside accommodations. There is an abundance of staff. The food is an excellent combination of Mexican, Mayan, and American dishes. And the fishing, well, there will not be any superfluous embellishment or useless rhetoric here, the area is plainly “World Class.”

Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay offer the light-tackle and fly fisherman one of the most diverse selections of game fish in the world. Given the right conditions, the angler can cast to Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Barracuda, Snook, Jacks, Sharks, and an assortment reef species in a single week of fishing.

Casa Blanca Lodge can accommodate up to 22 guest.  Playa Blanca Lodge can accommodate up to 14 guests.
Whether you are a serious angler or just looking for an enjoyable fishing vacation, call us! There is no substitute for experience! Your writer, Edward Johnston, of Leisure Time Travel, has visited this part of the Yucatan peninsula 29 times in the past twenty years and has caught 80 permit on a fly rod at Ascension Bay.