The Bahamas tourism industry has no doubt felt the affects of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the rest of the world. Despite the virus continuing to spread, the Bahamas tourism industry is reopening with new travel entry protocols to protect the health and safety of their people and visitors.

Pre-Departure & Arrival to the Bahamas

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First, prior to traveling into the Bahamas, visitors must first obtain a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR (swab) test, no more than 5 days pre-trip arrival. When the test is taken, it is considered day 0. Your test must receive a negative result in order to gain entry into the Bahamas. The only exceptions to the Health Visa are children 10 and under along with pilots and crew who stay overnight. Visitors must upload their negative results to complete their Bahamas Health Visa application. Additionally, if your test is older than 5 days, you will not gain entry into the Bahamas.

Next, travelers must opt-in to Covid-19 health insurance covering their entire trip in the Bahamas. This cost is part of the Travel Health Visa application fee. Visitors should note that these applications take up to 48 hours to process. Cost of the Visa varies and depends on the length of stay.

While Traveling to the Bahamas

Covid 19 travel restrictions in bahamasAs you travel to the Bahamas, you must wear a face mask at all terminals, security, customs screenings and baggage claim. All tourists must comply with the Bahamas health monitoring procedures. Also, if you are staying more than 6 nights and 7 days, you must take a rapid Covid-19 antigen test. On the other hand, if you leave on or before 7 days, you will not have to obtain this test. Rapid tests yield results in less than an hour. Rapid testing sites can be found here. While staying in the Bahamas, visitors must complete a short Health Survey upon arrival and each day up to 14 days, including day of departure.

During Your Stay in the Bahamas

Once you are on the island, you must wear a face mask and maintain physical distance in public places. Guests do not need to wear a mask while on the beach, however, you must when entering or exiting a beach. If you choose to exercise, a mask must be worn before and after working out. Be sure to research the island you are traveling to in order to find out if there are curfews and hours of operation for shops, restaurants and businesses.

Bahamas Tourism Protocol

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Any traveler who refuses to complete a Bahamas Travel Health visa or negative Covid-19 test result, will not be allowed to enter. Guests must follow all rules and regulations during their stay. Consequently, guests choosing to refuse wearing a mask in required areas will receive a $250 fine or a penalty of 1 month imprisonment.

Also, any traveler staying longer than 4 nights/5 days who refuses to take a rapid test on the 5th day will receive a $1,000 fine or 1 month imprisonment. Citizens and residents who do not complete their Health Surveys must submit to a mandatory quarantine at a government facility. Finally, any travelers who fail to complete the daily Health Survey will be deported.

In conclusion, if you wish to travel to the Bahamas and enjoy all the island has to offer, simply follow all of their guidelines and requirements for a safe and healthy trip. When you’re ready to book your trip to the Bahamas, contact us to plan your hassle-free trip and put you in the right place at the right time, on your dream fish!