H20 Bonefishing Bahamas is back to full operation on Grand Bahama Island. In an effort to try and generate some short-term business and to help get the word out that in fact H2O Bonefishing and the island of Grand Bahama in general should in no way be discounted as a fly-fishing destination, they want to provide a last-minute special for our anglers.

H20 Bonefishing Bahamas November 2019-02H20 Bonefishing Bahamas Current Specials

Therefore, H2O Bonefishing is offering a free night and a free fishing day for all packages of 3 nights and 2 days fishing or longer for the next 3 months. So, for example, two anglers wanting a 5-night 4-day package will be charged only for a 4 night / 3 fishing day package. The minimum package purchase is a 3 night / 2 fishing day package (you will be provided a 4/3). This also applies for single angler rates, for example a free night and fishing day and also all non-fishing partners of a single anger can accompany them for free.

The dates this special is available is…. November 2 to January 15 2020.

Travel Plans to H20 Bonefishing Bahamas

It is suggested that all anglers plan their travel to connect in Nassau on one of the 6 daily western air flights that leave Nassau as late at 6 pm making same day arrivals from the US very easy. We do not recommend that you try to encourage any other travel options at this time as any news that you might read about can be subject to change. This routing is established and secure and is in fact, very easy.

Outlook for 2020

As for the 2020 season, we expect exceptional fishing now and through 2020 as the fishery has been undamaged and will have received little to no H20 Bonefishing Bahamas November 2019-01pressure along the 100 miles of this fishery since June 2019. By peak booking season February to June 2020 normal flights will have returned and will make H2O Bonefishing a prime choice for saltwater anglers.

As mentioned, fishing at Grand Bahama Island, now and for the future is in fact a smart choice for anglers. H2O Bonefishing’s philosophy is that there is no better way to reinforce the great fishery is to get anglers down here now and generate positive reports.