The Caribbean’s finest light tackle fishing.

Big bones, tarpon, and plenty of permit. World record permit fishing in Ascension Bay. Serious Grand Slam territory!  This extraordinary Lodge is located on the south side of Ascension Bay at Punta Pajaros, the northern tip of Isla Casa Blanca in the Mexican province of Quintana Roo. Premium space is always scarce. If you want to go there give us a call, we have visited Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay thirty-two times since 1990. If you have been there then you know already, if you haven’t been, then go now!

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Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-Use

Casa Blanca Lodge

Casa Blanca is located on the south side of Ascension Bay at Punta Pajaros, the northern tip of Isla Casa Blanca in the Mexican province of Quintana Roo on the Caribbean Sea and shares its borders with Belize and Guatemala.

Strategically located within the protective boundaries of the Sian Ka’an Reserve. This 1.3 million acre natural reserve is operated by the Mexican government and surrounds Casa Blanca from the outside world.

A short 45 minute flight from Cancun lands you at Punta Pajaros which is within site of the lodge.

As far as fishing lodges go, Casa Blanca is definitely first class. The seaside rooms are large and well appointed. There is an abundance of staff. The food is an excellent combination of Mexican, Mayan, and American dishes. The service is great. And the water is very drinkable and purified as it comes from a reverse osmosis system. We rate Case Blanca as one of the top lodges in the Caribbean.

The lodge has a fleet of new custom designed Dolphin Super Skiffs. All the boats are built for flats fishing and are rigged with poling platform, fiberglass push pole, ample rod and dry storage, and comfortable deck mounted seats. Each captain has a radio for communication.

Dolpin Skiff at Casa Blanca LodgeThere are several major advantage of Dolphins Skiffs over Mexican built panga’s. The Dolphin’s are quieter when poling, they are more comfortable under-way, they are nicer to fish out of, and they allow you access very shallow water where the larger boats can not go.

Casa Blanca accesses one of the finest saltwater flats’ fisheries in the world. Ascension Bay has a rare combination of environmental ingredients which create the ideal foundations for an abundance of wildlife.

The flats of Ascension Bay are surrounded by a series of small freshwater springs and creeks which feed the brackish mangrove estuaries. These areas are used as feeding grounds for flats and reef species.

Along the coast, a complex chain of submerged islands and little cays provide the ideal habitat for a shallow-water coral ecosystem. The coral heads absorb the brunt of the pounding waves, which creates a tranquil setting in the flats even if the outside ocean is rough.

The lodge is ideally situated on the south side of the bay, enabling you to reach even the most remote areas of the bay and avoid the daily haul across open waters to the best fishing areas, including Tres Maris and Esperanza. There is an area called “Laguna Santa Rosa” which is located on the south side of the bay and is a good place to fish especially it becomes too windy elsewhere.

Yucatan Fishing at it’s finest !

Ascension Bay offers the light-tackle saltwater fisherman one of the most diverse selections of game fish in the world.

When conditions are right, the angler can cast to bonefish, permit, barracuda, tarpon, jacks, cubera snapper, mutton snapper, snook, sharks, and several different reef species in a single week of fishing.

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-UseThis area is without a doubt one of the best place in the world to catch a world record permit. Your writer, Edward Johnston, has caught 80 permit on a fly to date in this area. Tarpon are caught throughout the year, but May and June are probably the best time if tarpon is your main quarry.

There are several large lakes near the lodge, which are accessed by Jon boat, and hold tarpon year round. Bonefish are numerous all the time.

Now with air-conditioning in every room!

May and June are some of the best fishing months on Ascension Bay. The wind dies down, the migratory tarpon stack up in the back of the bay, bonefish and permit are tailing on the flats. The days are long and sunny and the nights are, well, summer nights in the tropics. So, Casa Blanca has installed new, state of the art, remote controlled air-conditioners with dehumidifiers in all eleven rooms. Now you can wake up refreshed from a good nights sleep ready to fish!

The 2018 rate  for a one week stay is as follows: from October 2017 – Feb. 03, 2018 and May 19 through October 06 2018 – $4,441.00 From Feb. 03 through May 19, 2018  – $4,748.00 plus airfare from point of origin to Cancun, based upon two per room. This all inclusive package will include transfer from Cancun, deluxe seaside accommodations, three meals per day with non-bottled beverages, six days of fishing, snorkeling, wind surfing, sea kayaking, bicycling, natural history excursions, birding, and unlimited use of all recreational equipment. Not included are alcoholic beverages, gratuities for guide, departure taxes, and items of personal nature. Cancun Mexico is easily accessible by direct scheduled airline service. Reserve your spot now while there is space available!

Copyright: Leisure Time Travel, Inc : Edward R. Johnston : No Right For Re-UseEdward Russell Johnston, of Leisure Time Travel, has visited this part of the Yucatan peninsula 32 times in the past twenty- seven years. Whether you are serious angler or just looking for an enjoyable fishing itinerary, call us! There is no substitute for first-hand experience!

“Team Homosassa” is a “Leisure Time Travel” group of anglers who visit Casa Blanca Lodge every year. Our team of anglers caught 30 permit during a fall week despite the fact that three days of fishing were hampered by strong northeast winds and a cold front.  Here is a link  to that story about the week and permit fishing at Ascension Bay.

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A nice tarpon caught on a rainy day at Casa Blanca Lodge

 The Caribbean’s finest light tackle fishing at Casa Blanca Lodge