Belize River Lodge

Belize River Lodge will be celebrating its 52ndbirthday this year.  Previously known as Barothy’s Caribbean Lodge, it was the first of three lodges built in Belize in the early 1960′s by the late Vic Barothy. In late 1986, current owners Mike & Marguerite, bought the lodge and renamed it Belize River Lodge.  Mike and Marguerite are both Belize natives with very prominent families in Belize. The husband and wife team were not new at managing lodges when they purchased Belize River Lodge. Their combined experience and talents make Belize River Lodge what it is today. When you choose to stay at Belize River Lodge you are getting more than just another fishing trip. You will receive the all star treatment from two of the most experienced host in Belize: Mike Heusner and Marguerite Miles.

Mike Heusner grew up in Belize between Belize City and Gales Point. As a young boy Mike learned and loved the sport of fishing. In 1966, he caught his first snook. The 12lb snook still hangs in the lodge today for all the visitors to see. Mike attended college in California where he studied environmental management. After college, Mike returned home to Belize. After his return he managed two different lodges before going into partnership with Maguerite who would later purchase Belize River Lodge. Mike is very active in several different organizations in Belize including Belize Audubon Society, Belize Chamber of Commerce and is a founding board member of Belize Tourism Industry Association.

Belize River Lodge

Your host at Belize River Lodge Mike Heusner & Marguerite Miles, welcome you to their Lodge and home.

Marguerite Miles, like Mike, is no stranger to Belize. She also spent her childhood days growing up in Belize. As a child she spent most of her days doing what kids do best, exploring and just “being a kid”. Swimming, fishing and riding her bike around the peaceful streets of Belize are what Marguerite enjoyed most. At the age of 12, Marguerite moved to Honduras with her family. Moving to a new country gave her a taste of what other ways of life where like and a great appreciation for travel.  A few years later Marguerite and her family returned to Belize so she could finish her schooling. After graduating she traveled to Mexico. During her stay in Mexico she was able to improve on her Spanish speaking skills. Marguerite took advantage of the opportunity to further her education by attending college in Michigan. Later a relocation to Pennsylvania was the last move for Marguerite until she returned back home to Belize almost 14 years later. After her return to Belize she worked alongside Mike Heusner managing Keller’s Caribean Sports.  Together Mike and Marguerite went on to manage another lodge in Belize until their return to Barothy’s Caribbean Lodge, which they would purchase in 1986 renaming it Belize River Lodge.

The Blue Yonder

Belize River Lodge has always offered traditional skiff fishing form the lodge. Most of your fishing day is spent checking out many different places, hunting or casting to fish. The main areas to fish from the lodge are the flats, channels, and mangrove islands near the Belize River, Sibun River, Manatee River, Black Creek, and several other creeks & lagoons.

Belize River Lodge also offers fishing cruises. The mother ship cruises are similar to the Lodge’s day except fishing can start earlier, returning to the yacht for breakfast and then going out to fish again until lunch, take a quick nap and go out fishing again until dark. You can choose your own fishing schedule. The mother ship is all inclusive and come with their own crew, Captain, guides, chef and flat skiffs. The air-conditioned vessel has two bedrooms and two bathrooms with hot and cold fresh water showers. The fishing cruise on the yacht will allow you to fish remote mangrove islands and cays which are not accessible from a land base.

In 2011 Mike and Marguerite added another option for anglers to enjoy Belize. They purchased a private resort on Long Caye

Long Caye Island Resort

naming it Long Caye Island Resort. The resort is a three bedroom double occupancy cottage that can accommodate groups up to six people. While staying at Long Caye Island Resort you will receive all the Belizian hospitality you have come to know and love about Belize River Lodge. You can choose your own fishing schedule during your stay here. Leave early to start your fishing day, return back to the resort for lunch, and then go out fishing again! You may choose to fish all day or half day. Maybe you would like to just fish right from the beach in front of the lodge. The choice is yours.

After 52 years the lodge still operates the same way it did back then, catering to anglers form all over making each fishing trip a success keeping the anglers coming back year after year.

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